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Meet Our Team is powered by a dedicated team of skincare enthusiasts who bring diverse perspectives and expertise to every article and review. Meet the passionate people behind your trusted skincare patch resource:

Emma – Founder & Chief Editor

Emma founded with a vision to simplify skincare through the innovative use of patches. With over a decade of experience in skincare blogging, Emma ensures that every piece of content on the site meets the highest standards of clarity and integrity. She loves curating content that makes skincare accessible to everyone.

Jason – Lead Researcher

Jason dives deep into the science of skincare patches. He stays on top of the latest research and product releases to bring our readers factual, up-to-date information. His meticulous approach to verifying facts and debunking myths makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Claire – Senior Content Writer

Claire has a knack for turning complex dermatological concepts into engaging, easy-to-understand articles. Her work primarily focuses on creating detailed reviews and thought-provoking articles in the “Vetted” category. Claire’s writing not only informs but also inspires our community to try new skincare solutions.

Marcus – Creative Director

Marcus is the creative force behind, managing all visual content and website design. His creative direction ensures that our website is not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the user experience with intuitive navigation and engaging multimedia elements.

Sophia – Community Manager

Sophia engages with our readers through social media and the forums. She fosters a supportive online community by initiating discussions, responding to user feedback, and sharing helpful tips. Sophia’s efforts keep our community vibrant and informed.

Our Commitment: As a team, we’re dedicated to providing you with trustworthy and reliable skincare patch information. Every article, review, and guide is crafted with care to help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin.